Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Too Little, Too Late, Mr. President.

Seventy-one days after the initial explosion on the BP Deepwater Horizon and the United States is now prepared to accept assistance offered by at least twelve nations who have a little more experience with disaster.

Seventy-one days that could've seen a collaborative effort contain a considerable amount of the mess that's now befouling (and befowling) the Gulf Coast.

Seventy-one days while the Emperor fiddled around with Paul McCartney and varying tee times.

Seventy-one days.

The Obama administration's moratorium on offshore drilling was announced May 6th. Since then we've seen a migration of rigs to Brazil, more every day, taking countless jobs with them, and enriching whom? Hmmm.

A federal judge enjoined the moratorium, declaring its basis to be arbitrary and capricious, but the Secretary of the Interior thumbed his nose at the Injunction and said he'll just enforce the moratorium another way.

We continue to pump untold sums into Haiti, a literal third-world nation, and the Emperor fiddles on as the Gulf South slips inexorably toward a third-world status of its own.

What smells bad about this picture? Let me count the ways: 20 Billion, 40 Billion . . . .


  1. It is all quite depressing, Moogie. And, what is even more depressing is this feeling that it is all on purpose!

    Not the oil leak, of course. But, as inept as I believe Obama and his clowns to be, I have to believe that it's not just Keystone Cop Syndrome.

    I have to believe that it is intentionally being orchestrated badly to enrich his crowd. It really saddens me that we have a man in the highest office who cares so little about this nation, and citizens.


  2. The only conclusion I can draw is that the regime wanted this to be a horrible disaster.

  3. It is depressing, Andy, and I'm beginning to feel REALLY helpless and more than just a little scared.

    Like Rahm preaches, Kristin -- never waste a crisis. They've made plenty of hay on this one.

  4. They're just a bunch of frickin' incompetents. Every last one of them. But you knew that.

    wv: miess. What's that extraneous "I" doin' in there? Or is that the Coonass pronunciation?

  5. Buck, coonass is "mezz."

    Southern is "mayuss." Always remember to add an extra syllable, or two.

    Heh! wv: dimmest

  6. Spot on pronunciation guide, Andy!

    Buck, I think it might be pronounced "mah eyes" -- mah eyes is just ahurtin' from lookin' at all that mayuss in the Gulf!

  7. Moogie, yeah it's like when you want permission to do something, and you ask, "Mama mayuss?"