Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Clean Red-Letter Day

We made it to 32 years! That's Moogie, then-Major (Captain? Who can remember!) Pepper, the Son at age 6 1/2, and our posse.

And I'm currently much closer to that 1978 size than I was this time last year!

We're past the days of elaborate anniversary gifts because someone's going to find us someday, dead and dried up under a pile of the treasures (read: "junk") we have already, but my sweet, thoughtful Pepper is taking me out for cocktails and a lovely dinner at Cafe Adelaide tonight. No dishes for me!

What little sweet, thoughtful thing am I doing for him?

I cleaned the house!

I may not have ever mentioned it, but among Moogie's biggest claims to fame is her championship classification among the world's very worst housekeepers. I'm so darn allergic to dust and dust mites, and I dread those allergy symptoms so very much, that I put off the heavy-duty cleaning until the house is really dirty (and practically guaranteed to make me sick). Having a black lab who sheds hair like Pig Pen in the old Peanuts cartoon strip shed dirt doesn't help, either.

And losing Wendy.

Since we lost her, I've noticed how gross my kitchen floor gets! I recognized how much she "hunted" in the kitchen when she was with us (it kinda used to irritate me), but I guess I never appreciated just how much she "cleaned up" for me in the kitchen. A poof of flour could barely hit the hard wood before she was there, Wendy-on-the-spot, to "hoover" it up. "Hoovering" is what the kennel folks called it when she would keep that nose to the ground, hunting for any stray morsel of anything edible, and sucking it up.

Bouie and Rosie are no good at hoovering. I guess they deferred that job to Wendy for too long to take it up now. Bouie will scarf up meat-type stuff that falls overboard, but he's not that much into veggies or anonymous scraplets of stuff like Wendy was. Rosie, being mostly blind and usually deaf, loved summer squash in her heyday and would yap at me as I was preparing it until I gave her a piece, but these days she just can't see what's going on as she wanders around the kitchen.

Anyway -- Moogie's Mansion is clean! Plus, the termite guy came today and we have NO active termites! That's always a good report in southeast Louisiana!

Okay -- you got me. The termite guy's impending visit also contributed to my whirlwhind of domesticity. I mean, that guy has a high-powered flashlight, and he looks in the corners and behind the drapes!! But a clean house is also nice for one's husband of 32 years to come home to.

So -- I think maybe we'll have a little prosecco in the parlor tonight in fancy glasses so we can enjoy dustless carpets and furniture while it lasts.

Here's to the next 32!


  1. Moogie, that is fan-tabulous!

    I mean, not every house gets cleaned once every 32 years!

    Seriously, many congratulations. I hope you and Pepper have a fabulous evening, and many more in the future.

    You've got just a little under a year on me. Had 31st in April. It's grand, isn't it? Give Pepper a hug from us, and a kiss (or whatever...wink wink) from you.

  2. Thanks, Andy! I'll pass along the hug, but after the house stuff, a wink may be the limits of my celebratory activities. Plus, he was stuck in 7 hours of meetings and needs to stretch!

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    We have similar domestic skills. I don't get near enough company, though, and suffer for it. It's the vacuuming that's my downfall... that and scrubbing the bathroom. The kitchen, OTOH, is always spotless. Kinda-sorta. If you don't look TOO close.

    I heaved a big sigh upon first reading this. My 32nd anniversary would have happened a mere eight days hence. You and Pepper have a week-plus-one-day on me...

  4. Sorry to have stirred up unpleasantry.

    "A week plus one day" -- lots of folks have told us about that "+ one day." We got married on a Friday because we were in law school and couldn't take a honeymoon for awhile, and we wanted a long weekend.

    We ate dinner on our wedding night at Glynn's Truck Stop outside Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

    I prefer Cafe Adelaide, but that's not nearly as good a story as Glynn's Truck Stop.!

  5. No fake, Moogie? Pam and I ate dinner on our wedding night (April 7, 1979) at some now gone truck stop next door to the Holiday Inn Holidome in Texarkana...right on I-30 at the US 71 intersection.

    I can't remember the name of the Truck Stop, but I had a hamburger. It was okay.

    We had reservations at the Holidome. That was better...

  6. No fake! We had 2 nights at the DeGray Lodge in DeGray State Park. I guess maybe that does qualify for a honeymoon, except it's in a dry county. Kinda boring, but they had a nice pool and I could get away with wearing a two-piece bathing suit back then.

    When I was a little girl, we used to stop at the Buttercup Cafe in Texarkana on the way to visit my great aunt and uncle in Crockett, Texas. I'm sure it's gone now, too.

  7. Hey Moogie! Pam and I stayed at the DeGray Lodge once before the kids came along. It was real beautiful around the lake. When the boys came along, we camped at DeGray often.

    Terrible about the floods over at Albert Pike, huh? We've camped there, too. Several folks from Shreveport were killed as of this morning's reporting. Sad.

    Beautiful country, though.