Friday, June 4, 2010

Random Friday Thoughts

It's hot. I mean, it's hot and humid and I feel the crankiness factor ratcheting up.

I've got to find a long-term project that I can work on indoors in the pleasant splendor of un-green, southern, air-conditioned, de-humidified comfort. And my activity can't involve oil spills or fouled waterfowl.

I read about a race for some minor state-wide office in Arkansas in which an old head is being faced down by a young upstart. The youngster, in trying to paint the old incumbent as past-his-prime, described him as being on the "trailing edge of technology." While I usually stand up for the geezer, that's a pretty good slam.

It's Hurricane Season 2010 + 4 days. So far, so good.

I fear the "good hair days" are past us for this summer.


  1. Normally up here in Oregon it's 80s in May, 90s in June and 100s in July and August. So far we ain't even come that close to 80 yet. Y'all need to start sharing the warmth!

  2. The forecast is for our first triple-digit day of the year. I can't wait... heh.

    ...on the "trailing edge of technology."

    One of my offspring was going on about the wonders of his new phone last night... surf the web, 8 megapixel still camera in back, built-in web cam in front, and other stuff as I zoned out. All I could say was "that's nice" but what the sergeant REALLY meant was "why?" It's a frickin' PHONE! Remind me not to run for office...

  3. Hey there, Inno -- guess you're catching a little break! Please feel free to divert as much of the warmth to the great northwest as you care to. I repeat -- PLEASE!!

    Buck -- you can share the warmth, too, if you wish, but Inno has to take ours first! And, I'll be sure to remind you about that running for office thing, I promise.

  4. P.S. -- I'm on Younger Daughter's computer; it's really me, Moogie. I just can't figure out how to switch from her Google account to mine. Guess you'd better remind me not to run for office, too.