Wednesday, June 23, 2010

He Really Should Take Up Yachting . . . .

And I thought he threw like a girl.

Make him stop!!!!!

Can't you just hear the other leaders of the free world giggling behind his back at various summits like those guys who are filming him on the practice range?



  1. Better that he make an ass out of himself on the course than in the Oval Office. Play more golf, lots more.

  2. "Shankapotamus" is about the kindest thing one could say about the man. I try and give all due respect to the office, but it's SO damned hard these days.

  3. What Buck said. Moogie, I think the problem is that he's swinging from the wrong side of the tee.

    Dude is about the chickiest straight guy I've ever run across. And, I apologize to chicks everywhere for that.

    But, I'll give him his props. He CAN shoot lights out with that roundball.

  4. Good strategy, Janelle!

    Buck -- that due respect to the office thing is getting to be a heavy burden.

    Andy -- "chickiest straight guy." Heh.

  5. Thanks for making me feel lots better about my golf swing! Send this to Charles Barkley stat!

  6. Yeah -- I think that would make even Barkley feel better about his swing!