Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday's Stolen Video, Part Deux

I've noticed a trend in my postings lately -- lots of thievery involved!

Just call me malleable -- the government's example must be getting to me: ask, and if you don't receive, take!

Herewith, today's second (and I'm not promising it's the last!) pilfering from Moonbattery --

Heh. Don't you just love the little jig with Ellen?

Wait -- was that a racist comment?!?!


  1. HA! Moogie, I had to laugh out loud when the voice-over said, "Pepsi stole his logo."

    Not long ago, a blog buddy (not just a virtual friend, a real friend) sent me a picture of his office. Next to his monitor was a can of Pepsi. I had never noticed it before, but the "ding ding ding" went off in my severely damaged brain.

    I asked Jim if he ever noticed how the Pepsi logo resembled the ObozO logo. I got a huge guffaw back from him, and a promise to NEVER drink Pepsi again.

    I actually went by his house to see him today, and he offered me a Coke.

  2. Heh. This is waaay better than those lame Dos Equis ads. Just sayin'.

  3. He has talent we never suspected, guys!