Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Musings and Injunctions

I've got a good post in me somewhere, but this isn't gonna be it.

So, I'll indulge myself in a bit of indulgence.

The spider web is really there, I promise -- you just can't see it very well. There's been a new one every morning for a week and I finally remembered to take my camera out with the dogs. Ya gotta admire the creepy little eight-legged skudders that build them, but ya don't have to like 'em. And I don't. (You can actually see the web if you click on the pic to enlarge it)

This morning, a full day before a ruling was expected, U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman enjoined enforcement of the White House's half-year long moratorium on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, finding the Executive Order to be arbitrary and capricious -- one of those good ol' legalese fall-backs. And bless him for it! There are tens of thousands of folks out of work in the Gulf region, and only a fraction of them actively work on the rigs -- transport operators, vendors, motels, restaurants have been affected, and on and on and on. And several rigs have already packed up and headed for Brazil, but that's another stinky story. The White House promises to appeal the ruling. But I don't find the White House appealing in the least.

And, finally -- that cake! That was the birthday cake for my friend Barb on this day in 2004. It was the most decadent thing I've ever wrapped my tongue around! Today is still Barb's birthday -- although she celebrates in Chicago now -- but the fabulous french bakery that produced that beauty didn't survive Katrina. I miss you both, Barb and Maurice's!

Can't you just taste it!!!


  1. Can't you just taste it!!!

    Ah, that I CAN. The pic fires off synapses of French bakeries I've known in the past, the latest of which is 15 years removed from my experience/patronage... and was located in Birmingham, MI. It was run by a lil ol' French LADY (<===emphasis) who produced the most fabulous concoctions, not the least of which were her daily eclair output. REAL French eclairs... mouth-watering, custard-filled and chocolate topped goodness wrapped in God's Own Flaky Pastry. But it was her cakes that made her most especially special. She had so many varieties that the mind boggled, and each was a work of art. And the woman was an artist, in every sense of the word.

    And then there was that French bakery I visited every morning and afternoon as a child.... for fresh baguettes for breakfast and dinner. The two old ladies that ran that place took a liking to their lil Garçon Americain and NEVER let him leave the premises without a treat of some sort. I loved those two women... Ah, memories. Thank you for those.

    And Good On that judge. There's some sanity left in these United States.

  2. Can't you just taste it!!!

    Yes. Moogie, even though I'm WAY up north here in hicksville, there is a bakery in Shreveport, Julianne's. I might have spelled it wrong.

    My Momma always buys cakes from them for special occasions. I swear...I've eaten delights from French bakeries in New Orleans, Montreal, Quebec City, San Francisco...but I've never been to the other really "gay" place, Paris. Julianne's stuff is just as prime. Can you believe that? In Shreveport, East Texas?

  3. HA! I forgot to mention. My word verification on that comment was "panrat." Hmmmm....