Wednesday, June 16, 2010

For Every Little Red-blooded American Girl

Stolen from a Facebook friend.

As long as Anderson Cooper stays away from her, she'll be all right!

No, wait . . . .


  1. Heh! Tea Party Barbie!

    If I was about 9 years old, me and my sister would be dating her up with G.I. Joe!

    Aaaaaah...the good old days. Pam still has old plastic cases in the attic with her Barbies from the 60's.

    As to the Helen Thomas award deal. Nyuk! The old gasbag (and, I normally respect my elders) should have been fired decades ago for being a lousy journalist.

    I am convinced that Hearst, and the DC crowd just tolerated her for the nyuks. I have a dear friend...well, it's a long story...but he was extremely well connected in DC media circles from the 40's through the 80's, who knew The Helen well. He laughs out loud at the mention of her name.

    She was a joke way back then.

    I'm on the soapbox with you and Buck, though. The old broad should not have been fired for voicing her honest opinion. Incompetence would have been reason enough.

  2. I have several granddaughters who should have one (or more) of these.

  3. We all need TP Barbie!!

    But, have you seen what they've done to G.I.Joe? He used to be a big ol' imposing guy -- now he's a shrinky dink. *sigh*

  4. Hey, Hey, your tongue, young lady!

    Buck and I are about the same size at 5'8", 130 to 140 lbs! And, my #3 son (my soldier) is 5' 8" 155.

    Don't you be ragging on us "swimps!"

    Just joshin' with ya', Moogie. I know what you mean. Actually, I haven't seen the shrinky dink G.I. Joe. But, I'm pretty sure they've done their best to be pc.

    Lord, I remember a couple of years ago when the NAACP threw a shoe because the black Barbies (or some female toy...come to think of it, it wasn't a was some kinda baby that girls wanted...I can't remember) were on sale at WalMart for 5 bucks, while the same white girl toy (and the Mexican one, too) was still at the original $10 price.


  5. Yeah -- PC sucks and is getting suckier all the time.

    Anti-PC: The Next Revolution! Viva!!

  6. Amen, Moogie! RevoluciĆ³n!!!

  7. Yeah, what Andy said about bein' 5' 8". It IS inconvenient at times, tho, e.g., I had to special order a blouse for my new uni.

    And what you BOTH said about PC. I've already enlisted in the fight.