Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddies' Day 2010

UPDATE: I just found this picture of my Daddy in uniform! So, here's Mama and Daddy on their wedding day, December 28, 1952. He does the uniform justice, if I do say so myself!

I wasn't going to do a Fathers Day post today, but after reading last year's entry, I deemed it worthy of a repeat, with a little update.

My Daddy ("Boompie") turned 81 in April and is still rockin' and rollin'! Doesn't he look handsome and happy at Shay's wedding?

And, of course, Pepper is still father to 3 and grandfather to 3, but he is now also father-in-law to one and father-in-law-2B to another! Ain't it grand how families continue to grow!

So, Happy Dad's Day to one and all out there who are fathers, had fathers, or will someday be fathers! Hope you don't get a tacky tie, and hope you get to watch all the golf your little hearts desire! (I even sucked it up and recorded the entire broadcast of the U.S. Open for my Pepper-in-transport. Happy Day, Baby!)

And a special Happy Day to The Son (pictured above with 2/3 of his offspring) who is spending his Father's Day at annual training far, far away from his kiddos. Stay hydrated, kid!

Today I'd like to honor the fatherly progenitors of our particular clan: Boompie and Grandpa.

Boompie would be Moogie's father, still kickin' and driving at 80. That's him holding Maxie, the dachschund, circa 1959. Boompie served 20 years in the Navy Reserve, but I couldn't get to the box where older family photos are stashed in what we lovingly refer to as "the attic room" to find a pic of him in uniform. Mama was beautiful -- she's lived in heaven since 1977 and she moved there entirely too early. Am I cute in that picture, or what!

The dashing young Corporal is Grandpa, my father-in-law. This is probably my favorite picture of him. He lied about his age and joined the Army Air Corps at the ripe old age of 16 (which caused all sorts of problems down the road when age needed to be verified for VA stuff!) and headed for Burma during WWII. He left us way too early, too, in 1990. I still miss him.

Boompie and Grandpa taught me lots of things.

Boompie taught me how to distinguish between a Cessna and a Bonanza, and how to shoot a pellet gun out of his bathroom window to chase squirrels away from the birdfeeder. Grandpa taught me how Solitaire can be a sport and where to find beer on Sunday in Hot Springs. They both are among the most intelligent men it's been my pleasure to know.

So, here's a happy day to all the fathers out there. And as a blog-buddy says: Call yer ol' man!

(On a Musing note: that pic of the pre-school Moogie has a caption on the back, in Mama's elegant handwriting, that identifies all of us, and notes that it was taken in our house on "LeFever Lane." That just makes me think of the old test of how you find out what your stage "stripper name" is. You know -- take the name of your first pet and combine it with the name of the first street where you lived that you remember. That would make me "Maxie LeFever." It could work! Well, it could have worked a few years and pounds ago. I guess Maxie LeFever will not be working Bourbon Street this Father's Day!)


  1. Excellent post, and thanks for re-posting last year's gem. All y'all come from good stock, in EVERY sense of the term.

    My stripper name would be Mustapha Pete Rue Mozart (first pet I can remember, a canary; first street I can remember, in Sceaux [a suburb in Paris]). Doesn't work near as well as Maxie LeFever, does it?

  2. I don't know, Buck -- it does have a certain je ne c'est quois! Ooh la la! Paree!

    Mustapha Pete. Great name!

  3. Heh! My "stripper name" would be Elvis Douglas!!!

    Sure enough, Elvis the basset, and Douglas Drive...Nyuk! I don't think I'd get many gigs. Or tips.


    Excellent, just as Buck said. Wow! What a handsome man your Father is. And to be blowing and going at 81 is a true blessing for a child such as yourself.

    My Daddy is only 75, and I am his third (of four). He and Momma married YOUNG, and started cranking us out young. My Dad can work me 'til I cry Uncle. I sure hope I have him as long as you've had your beloved Daddy.

    To comment on other things, your Mother was certainly gorgeous. And "Grandpa" is the kind of guy I truly admire. I have one Great Uncle (still living) from the WWII generation. He was too young (at 16) to go serve when the war broke out...he attempted the "lying about age" deal, but wasn't a very good liar. It's a long story, but his Mommma (My young widowed Great Grandmother that lived to 104) finally gave in and signed the permission when he was 17...then watching all of her sons and son-in-laws sail away to The Pacific. Long story.

    Such a blessing to have such people in a life...such a blessing. Yes, excellent post!

    Did they really sell beer in Hot Springs? As a side Grandmother moved to Hot Springs during the war to work with the POW's that were returned there for convalescence. God have mercy...the old broad was as cold as a stone...but when she talked about those "boys," and the condition they arrived back home in, I learned that even a rock can shed a tear.

    Aaaaaahhhhh....I could rattle on all night. Thanks for the post, Moogie! When Pepper gets home, I'm sure you'll make him glad he's there! (wink, wink)

  4. You're never gonna let me win the "Mama/Momma war" are ya,? :-)

  5. Aw Moogie...I didn't know we were in a Mama/Momma war. Well, I did somewhat remember that.

    Personally, I think that Mama, or Momma works fine, and it's one of those "everybody knows what you're talking about" deals. I always went with "Momma," because "Mom" is common...and the common extension seemed to be "ma."

    And, because when I was a youngster, my MOTHER would sign her little notes to us kids with "Love, Momma." So, if somebody loves you, she must certainly know how to spell. Right?

    Just as a side note, I had the most wonderful afternoon at Momma & Daddy's place today. My Daddy is a rock...and my Momma is as crazy as a loon. Nyuk! Oh girl...too much to write in a comment.

    You're a trip, kiddo!

  6. He does the uniform justice, if I do say so myself!

    Agreed. And they look so very young. But the principals in most all wedding pictures do, with the exception of second, third, and subsequent events.