Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Musings -- Autumn in Arkansas

This is what makes me miss Arkansas in the fall -- it was taken this morning by a friend in Little Rock, and posted on his Facebook page (what a fantastic invention, that Facebooky thing can be!). He took it from his deck overlooking the Arkansas River.

*heavy sigh*

Oh well -- I suppose I'll wax nostalgic about New Orleans in Carnival/Mardi Gras season whenever we move north.

**double heavy sigh**

I think I'll go decorate for Halloween and do other nice things for myself. Like ignoring the vacuum cleaner for yet one more day.



  1. as you know, we're on the northern border with missouri - today was the first day i noticed some trees - mostly elms - slightly changing color - I LOVE ME SOME OZARK FALL SHOW!

  2. I miss Fall as well, seeing as how we don't get much of it on The High Plains of New Mexico. But my Fall memories go back to Michigan and western New Yawk... both places being equally beautiful in autumn.

    Yup... roots... and memories... call us "home," where ever that may be.