Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Canine Chicanery at Moogie's Mansion

See this adorable face? Sweet. Innocent. Brimming with unconditional love.

It's a mask.

It hides a nefarious plant-unplanter extraordinaire. This week alone, he not only de-earthed geraniums and weeds alike, he also toppled the hibiscus several times with gleeful abandon. I won't tell you what he does to the mint and lantana -- let's just say that I wash the mint very carefully before using it. Today he got a tad impatient waiting for me to let him indoors and, to soothe his pitiful, unresolved stress, he uprooted the basil, dill, and flat-leaf parsley. The basil and parsley may survive -- it's R.I.P. for the dill.

All of the foregoing says nothing about the 50 year-old holly shrubs that he has literally shredded. Oh -- and the begonias in the pic? One-third of 'em: deep-sixed and digested.

I was thinking about doing some fall plantings since I begrudgingly skipped indulging myself in most spring and summer color. (My rationale for horticulture abstention? See: "plant-unplanter extraordinaire," supra.).

I may have to do a little re-thinking. Or invest in doggy-downers.


  1. Heh. I feel yore pain, Moogie. I had to put up an electric fence around my vegetable garden to keep my puppehs out of it. That worked for me, but the veggie garden was a well-defined space. Not sure what you could do for flower beds and such...

    And then there was my terrier who was in the habit of digging tornado shelters in my lawn in Oklahoma... we're talking holes of a size that could swallow a riding lawnmower (and DID, once) if the operator wasn't paying attention. But... I still loved 'em all. :D

  2. Until my labs reached the age of reason (around 5 yo) they ate wood. They stripped my trees of bark, gnawed the siding off of my house, demolished shrubs, table legs and my balcony. I thought I had brought home giant beavers by mistake.