Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Musing: An Autumn of the Southeast Louisiana Variety

Scenes like this don't show up so much in southeast Louisiana.

Fall is the day when the leaves fall off some of the trees into the street to clog up the storm drains, especially in New Orleans. The Live Oaks wait until new growth hits in the spring, then dump old leaves and stringy oak flowers all over the place (usually on a car).

Yesterday, our Autumn began with temperatures in the lower 90s, thunderboomers, soggy mail, and muddy pawprints in the kitchen.

But, a hint of giving the air conditioning a rest is floating through the night sky, and the promise of Fall music festivals is making the media rounds. What sweet sounds and glorious food are right around the corner, all to be enjoyed in three-quarter length sleeves! We may have to hit the next Saints Gameday Pre-party outside the Dome just to make it official.

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  1. Fall is the day when the leaves fall off...

    Nice pic! It's the same story here on The High Plains of New Mexico. There are times (rarely, but there ARE) when I miss a gin-u-wine Fall. But I have pictures, so I guess that'll have to do, LOL!