Saturday, September 5, 2009

College Football -- Razorbacks on the Rise!!!



Addendum: Ya gotta love Buck's "Rules For College Football Fandom," except maybe the tacky rule that slams the SEC or the overkill on Notre Dame. (Sorry, Buck buddy. I live in New Orleans where, if you're not being sensory overloaded on LSU, you're being guilted into Notre Dame! It's a matter of survival for a furriner Fan!) I'm particularly partial to Rule #9, except I'd add Penn State to the list of teams one is permitted to root against simply on general principles, and I'd go along with the "any team from Florida" addition.

Regardless -- IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ah... LSU. Whatta bunch o' thugs, LOL! Like any football fan, I have a fairly long list of teams I love to hate... and LSU is in the Top Ten. As the ol' saying goes...

    Q. Who's your favorite team?

    A. ND... and anyone playing Ohio State, LSU, Florida, Miami, USC, Oklahoma... yadda, yadda

    Thanks for the linky-lurve!

    Speaking of Ohio State... Navy just pulled to within a TD IN COLUMBUS! GO NAVY!!