Saturday, September 12, 2009

Moogie is Tracked Down by "Organizing For America"

I got an unusual call today -- a particularly busy and tiring day, in a good way -- on my cell phone. Not on my house phone landline mind you, but on my cell phone, with the "Star Trek" ringtone gloriously playing away.

It was from "Organizing For America," inviting me to come on down and join them during their Obamacare Bus Tour stop in New Orleans tomorrow afternoon. Right near the end of the Saints season opener! Now, there are some things more sacred than political intrigue (like the Saints season opener, duh!!!), so, don't count on me to be there as a fly in the healthcare debate ointment.

Unless, of course, we're trouncing Detroit as thoroughly as I plan, in which case I might could be persuaded to mosey over to Canal Boulevard while listening to the big finish on the radio.

Now, which of my Tea Party signs do you think I should dust off? Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!

The more relevant question: How in the hell did they get my cell phone number?!?!

UPDATE: Just got an email about the D.C. march -- check out the pictures at Looking at the Left!

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