Friday, October 2, 2009

Moogie's Thoughts on the 2016 Olympic Games

You only have seven years to work up the courage to get a Brazilian Wax!

Denizens of Ipanema Beach will probably be a little easier on the eyes than a bunch of Bears fans lolling around the Lakeshore, anyway.

Buck up, Chicago -- on the whole, you will save a boatload of money by losing out on the Olympics bid.

A comment following a British analysis of Obama's speech in support of Chicago's bid suggests that the YP really had no chance of winning over the Committee -- that giving emerging nations and regions a chance holds more sway with the IOC than the amenities and experience western powers have to offer. The commenter ventures an opinion that Africa or the Arab nations are most likely to win the 2020 Games. Hmmm. Women's Water Sports and Beach Volleyball in an Arab nation -- what could possibly be wrong with this picture?

There is some good news on the homefront that spins out of Denmark -- I've only heard one interview so far that suggests Chicago's loss is George W. Bush's fault! Plus, Oprah's star must be dimming -- and that's waaaaay overdue!

And, an upside for the White House did emerge from the IOC meeting -- Michelle and the Young President got to have yet another lovely date night, this time in Copenhagen! Ahh -- the simple moments of young love!


  1. I thought it was awesome that we didn't get the Olympics. Obama seems to be a Chicago puppet. I just wonder who exactly is the one pulling the strings?

  2. I was largely ambivalent about this whole thing, except for the fact The One took 25 minutes out of his busy schedule to actually MEET face-to-face with his commander in The Af. (snark) Silver linings, and all that. (/snark)