Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sorta Through the Looking Glass

Today, they took the back wall down and the closet door in the master bedroom now opens onto the addition. We've decided it's kind of the Razorback version of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.. Or, it could be a wormhole to Deep Space 9. I just hope nothing crittery tries to use it as an entrance.

I've not mentioned it here, but my granddog, Zeus, is -- for some unknown reason -- terrified of houseflies. Terrified! He has been known to refuse to come in from the backyard when one got in the house. You can imagine his state today, with the back of the house being al fresco and all.

Zeus is sedated. And I intend to hit the liquor store post haste. Amid the din of buzz saws and nail guns, I hear Happy Hour calling.

Pray that there's a roof (and a door that locks and windows) by nightfall, please! I'll post pics when I get back to New Orleans.

(I saw that my mayor made a fool of himself in Washington yesterday when he jumped on the "Pass the [nonexistent] jobs bill! bandwagon. Sigh.)


  1. I like walls, doors, ceilings, etc. I don't like critters. I hope it all gets done for you.

  2. Thanks, Lou. I wish you were running this job instead of me!

  3. This doesn't sound like the best o' times, Moogie. Yet still, I'm thinkin' you're keeping your perspective, e.g., Happy Hour! ;-)