Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ductwork. And Gas Pipes.

It appears that Moogie's Mansion has morphed into "The Money Pit."

Total replacement of all the AC ductwork downstairs, and replacement of the (6 year-old) heating unit needed.  While they're removing old ducts, they discover gas leaks.

And, a holiday weekend is coming up.  A holiday weekend with a tropical depression dumping 10 to 20 inches of rain on south Louisiana while I have open ducts under the house.  And no anti-humidifier.  (Hope you get a little bit of it, too, Andy).


How do these things know to happen all at once?!?!  These alone would be bad enough, but we've also started the addition to the Little Rock house where younger daughter and SIL#2 live, and I need to be there during the day!

Who's the Bad Luck Coordinator from Hell?  He'd better stay out of my way, if he knows what's good for him.


  1. I spent a good portion of our early summer under the house doing duct work - not fun. I do hope we get some of your rain and that you get a better coordinator.

  2. Man - good luck is everywhere these days - hope it gets better soon.

  3. Oh Moogie! THAT sucks. Yeah, I've been watching the tropical depression (that's a good name for it, even though the whole southeast could use some moisture). We probably won't get any.

    Hey, maybe I should go pull the ductwork loose...

    Y'all stay safe.

  4. Aiiieee. When it rains, it pours. And collects in the low spots, duct work, etc., etc..

    I feel your pain, Moogie. Not really in a true physical way, but enough where I feel justified in sayin' that. Kinda like the Big Dog.

    I hope the work goes smoothly and you dodge the bullet.

  5. Thanks, SS and Scott. I'm afraid to say that I don't see how it could get much worse, because then it'll surely find a way to get worse.

    You are just amazing, Lou! I'm trying to wish some of the rain in your direction. I'm pretty sure Texas will be really peeved at us for hogging it all to ourselves.

    Thanks, Andy. I asked the guys if they needed anything from me, and one said, "If you could just raise the crawlspace by about 9 feet . . ." I tried to blink it done like I Dream of Jeannie, but it didn't work.