Friday, September 2, 2011

Saving the Economy One Day at a Time

On Wednesday, a crew of two showed up to rip out the old ductwork.  Yesterday, three came.  Today there are four.  One plumber has come to give us an estimate on the gas leak and I'm waiting on another. Several people are working on the foundation in Little Rock and I talked to the electrician today -- after only 4 extra days, he's finally acquired the correct permit to set a temporary meter on a pole charged to the separate account with Entergy that I set up days ago so Younger Daughter and SIL#2 will continue to have power as the addition goes up.  In setting up the account, I spoke to countless people over the phone.  Several times.

I have, therefore, decided to re-name yesterday's post, "Moogie's Mansion Economic Stimulus Package."  It works about as well anything coming out of Washington, and there are people actually getting paid in exchange for "shovel ready" labor.

You're welcome for the salvation of the economy.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:


  1. It's a good thang you're doin' for the economy, Moogie. Have you told Barry about this? You should, coz then mebbe he'll invite you to sit in the gallery during his jobs speech next week. You could be an American HERO, on TEEVEE!