Monday, September 19, 2011

Several Days After COLLEGE GAMEDAY, and Construction Briefing

So, I'm living "Adventures in Construction Management." With the amount of red tape spooling out from the city, the neighborhood, and utilities, plus the vagaries of the weather, it's a literal miracle that anything ever gets built around here.

Trust me on this one.

On Friday, I texted Pepper and asked if we have gas at Moogie's Mansion and he replied, "Yes, there's gas here, and most of it is even in the pipes!"

I think it's getting close to time when I need to go home and get some healthy food into that man.

And, in case someone missed it, both the Hogs and the Saints won this weekend! The Saints probably won more handily (and prettier) than the Hogs, but a W is a W. Plus, I'm hoping that their less-than-stellar performance against Troy State will put a little fear of God (or, at least, fear of Nick Saban) into them.


  1. Moogie, get back home and cook Pepper a big pot of Red Beans & Rice.

    That should fix the gas deal.

    And...Troy has a way of putting the fear in to you. We played them a few years back...and dang near got our hats handed at us.

    We were MUCH BETTER after that. Never underestimate Trojans (I mean, the ones from 'Bama...not the ones from you know where).

    I mean...who cares if they racked up more yards than y'all, or that y'all gave up 373 yards passing?


    But, you're right. A win is a win. And, as WE learned against Troy, take it...learn from it...and do mo' better next week.

    Maybe I should say, "Do WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY better next week."

  2. Bama lost a spot in the polls. They're nothing to be afraid of. Neither is their coach, who I still think should be modeling Dockers khakis in the JC Penney catalog.

    [yes, empty boast from a beaver fan. I know.]

  3. St. Nick is to be feared, Inno. Had he stayed at LSU, he would have now won at least 6 National Championships by now.

    Instead, he took a cup of coffee foray into the NFL, and went to rebuild a miserable shell of a program at 'Bama. Took him almost two years.

    St. Nick is to be feared.


    And, Forever.

    He can't help it that he looks good in Dockers. I mean, we can't help it how good we look in stocking caps, can we?

    I's a curse...

  4. Yeah, probably, Andy. But we know he can't walk on water since he almost drowned inBaton Rouge. I think the Hogs have a healthy respect for Bama, guys. Plus, it's a grudge thang.

  5. I guess I can laugh at the gas thing now that it's fixed and our Mom and Pop plumbers came through for us at 1/5 of the first estimate given us by Mega Services Conglomerate plumber. I'm not sure which was scarier -- a bad leak or that 4-figure estimate!

  6. This next Hogs game will tell us a lot, won't it?

  7. Yep, Cuz. It'll surely tell us something.