Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School: an Upgrade

Now that school has been back in session for several weeks, some of you may be puzzled why I haven't posted a rant about the Sophie Wright Academy school buses that served as the bane of my existence for the last couple of years with their vrooming and squealing and beep-beep-backing-upping.

It seems that some changes have been made!

There is a fleet of brand-new buses sporting the Sophie Wright name parked in the lot, and their engines and OSHA-mandated back-up beepers must be a whole lot quieter, cause I hardly notice them at all.  There is also apparently a whole fleet of brand new bus drivers who are skilled enough to negotiate the turn onto our side-street without having to do a 2- or 3-point maneuver.  Not as many buses are running down our side-street this year either -- they seem to be going down the thoroughfare adjacent to Sophie Wright.

So, YAY!!!!

The most interesting change I've noted, though, is the demise of the name, Sophie B. Wright Academy.  All those new buses now announce that they're carrying the students of "Sophie B. Wright Institute for Academic Excellence." 

If you call it academic excellence, will academic excellence follow? 

Sounds a little too PC to me, but, if it means the buses are better behaved, I'll call the school Massachusetts Institute of Technology if that's what they want.

Go, Warriors!


  1. It could mean the school spent their money on new buses rather than academic excellence. But hey, I'm glad the buses are not the bane of your existence.

  2. Thanks, Lou! Me, too! Plus, the scores on standardized benchmark tests have gone up considerably, so, that's good. I suppose. If one puts all of one's eggs in the standardized test basket.

  3. ha ha ha ... feel your pain... Pulaski Heights Middle School buses regularly zoom past my front porch each morning.
    What a fancy new name your buses have... I hope it becomes true for all those students!

  4. If you call it academic excellence, will academic excellence follow?

    I'd say "no" if I HAD to answer or put money on a bet.

    But! It's a great good thing the buses aren't as annoying now. I'll add my Yay! too.

  5. I hope so, too, Cuz! You have PH M iddle elementary to contend with!

    We can always hope, Buck. We can always hope.