Sunday, September 4, 2011

Heading Back to Normal. Sort of.

HVAC guys told us on Friday (the Friday preceding a three-day weekend) that the job will take at least one, if not 2, more days.  That means no AC downstairs (or cooking, other than in the microwave, because it just get too darned hot in the kitchen) until Tuesday at best.  We haven't been able to use the grill because of that little weather incident we've been experiencing.  So, we're approaching normal, but still don't have it in sight.

Lee was a respectable tropical storm, but she minded her manners reasonably well, considering.   She's moving northeast now, leaving behind a squall or two, lots of wind, tons of leaves and limbs strewn about, and lots of water.  I didn't have that gut feeling that she would do a whole lot of damage to Moogie's Mansion because, of course, Moogie's middle name is Lee, and I wouldn't do that to myself.  Neither would any of the other 5 generations in my family with the same name, preceding, or following, me.  I'd hope.

It's getting to be cabin fever time around here.  Bouie hasn't had his typical weekend outings because we're just never quite sure when another band will swing around and zap us with a thunderstorm.  With the AC still out downstairs, we've taken to living upstairs, and he's not quite sure about that either.  The upstairs couch isn't nearly as comfortable as the one in the downstairs TV room.

I also learned that he doesn't particularly care for sweet potato chips.  You should've seen the face he made as he was trying to spit this out!

I always forget how much quieter it is upstairs.  Makes for some sweet sleeping.  As long as it's dark --  those bedrooms are so bright in the daylight!

Guess I'll go put a cocktail in the freezer and maybe watch a little of the West Virginia game.  Sorry for the boring post -- I'm just a little brain-fuzzled.  And still a little light-headed over the Hogs' stomping victory last night over Missouri State.  We figured out how to get the game on ESPN3 on Pepper's laptop, so we had 3 or 4 TVs around the house set on different games and Hogs + LSU in the upstairs TV room.  Wow!  Overload!  I've waited so very long for it!  Wooo Pig Sooooiee!!

Happy Labor Day Eve!


  1. Glad to hear things are fairly normal in your world. Is Bouie using those remotes and cell phone - what a dog's life!

  2. Wow! Overload!

    It was the exact opposite at ECMdP. I only watched the second half of Tiggers In Texas and highlights on College Football Final. I'm underwhelmed this year and I dunno why.

    Sorry about the AC, but at least you have a redoubt!

  3. Thanks, Lopu. He's quite the techie!

    You're thinking about moving, Buck. Your uinterest will perk up soon. Sorry about the Irish. Maybe that's the problem. Or, maybe you're hust waiting for the Saints season opener! ;)