Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Night's the Night! And the night.

It's season opener tonight!!  Saints v. Cheeseheads, way up nawth.  At least there's no snow!  It'll be sad when the reigning Champions go down in defeat to their immediate predecessors -- NOT!!!

But first, I need to do my very own coin toss to see whether I'll make the effort to watch the Young President's major, super-important speech du jour.  I think I'd rather watch the local pre-game festivities around town, but we'll see what the Fates decide. Drinking game words must include jobs, entitlements, investment, infrastructure, and get the job done.  Any other suggestions? 

(I hear the White House has already announced that the "details" of how to do what he wants to do won't be revealed tonight -- we'll have to wait a few weeks.  Haven't we already been waiting a few weeks to hear this latest oratory from on high?!?!  Moogie is not a particularly patient person.)  I don't think our president is much of a details-oriented kinda guy.

I guess it would be kinda cool to see Pelosi sitting amongst the peons, though, instead of on her Speaker's springboard perch behind the dais.  That's one plus in favor of watching The Most Important Speech Ever.  But, only one.

I plan to rant about the sentence handed down to Betty Jefferson soon, but first I need to get my blood pressure under control.

Did anyone else think Michelle Bachmann's hair was a little out of control last night during the debate?  I mean, being southern, I like big hair -- it's bred into the genes, after all -- but seriously! 

Did anyone else have trouble finding MSNBC?  I never watch it and had to do a page-by-page search on the Guide.  I'll probably have to do the same search the next time I watch it in a few years.  Or decades.

I think it's nearing cocktail hour -- and I hear a Cosmo chilling in the freezer!  Who Dat!!!  Geaux Saints!!!


  1. This game is a challenge!! We're up to it!

  2. Enjoy the new season's kick-off. Me? I have to wait another month, plus. But it's a comin'!

    As for tonight's speech... I watched it with my teevee on mute. THAT was an interesting exercise, especially when the camera panned around the congrsscritters-assembled. I've rarely seen a bigger bunch o' butt-ugly people assembled in one place at one time, but most of 'em were on the left side of the aisle. WHY does The Deity At Hand hate Democrats?

  3. We worked on the house and watched an old movie (North by Northwest). No speeches or football for us last night. But I would have liked to have seen the Ms. Bachmann's hair just so I could tsk-tsk with you.

  4. I wonder how Teh One liked being the opening act for the football game.

  5. It'll get here, Buck! I'll bet the Young President looked quite animated sans noise! As to the butt ugly inquiry, that is indeed a question for the ages, isn't it?

    Wise woman, Lou. But you missed an exciting, if not wholly satisfying, football game!

    I wonder the same thing, Deb. You just have to figure that the ball game factored into the time frame, don't you?

  6. Jesse came home telling us they had to watch the GOP debate in her poly sci class. She said, "What's up with that woman and her big hair?"

  7. Heh. It was definitely bigger than usual!

  8. I heard the One actually edged the game slightly in the ratings 32M to 27M.