Friday, September 23, 2011

Murphy's Law in Action, and Poop

So.  No roof.  Then the rains came.  Now there's a visqueen roof.  Sorta.  And another couple days' delay to dry out the sub-floor.  And, one of the guys working to tie-in the new roof gable to existing roof stepped off the rafters and through the ceiling in two different rooms, a la Christmas Vacation.  *sigh*

SIL#2 took granddog, Zeus, on a walk Wednesday afternoon.  He had a "poop bag" sticking out of his pocket when Zeus decided it was time to "perform" on a neighbor's lawn.  Before the first of the "performance" could hit the ground, hyper-zealous property-owner bounded out onto his front porch and asked, in a rather loud and accusatory tone of voice, "Hey!  You need a bag for that?" gesturing towards Zeus and his by-product.  SIL#2, with a rather puzzled look on his face, replied, as he pulled the bag the rest of the way out of his pocket, "No thanks.  I've got it covered."  Over-zealous, hyper-vigilant property-owner stood on the porch until SIL#2 was through policing up the by-product and heading back to the house with his feelings a little out-of-whack.

I suggested, "Next time, tell him, 'No, you can keep it, I don't need to take it with me.  There's plenty more where that came from.'"

Moogie was feeling a little snippy that day.


  1. Oooh, those people bug me!

    Last summer I was walking Chance and Sunshine when Chance did his thing. I didn't bring a bag 'cuz he'd just done some of that thing a few minutes prior and I didn't expect to need one. It happened in that city-owned strip of dirt between the sidewalk and the street so I didn't care that much. Along comes Ponytailed Cyclist (probably an assistant prof at OSU or maybe a clerk at the organic store) who yelled at me to "pick it up!" as he rode by. I ignored him.

    Turns out his house was about three doors down and as we approached he came storming out with a plastic bag and demanded that I go pick it up. I told him "thanks, the bag will make it a lot easier to drop it all off on your porch!"

    Which I didn't do. But should have.

  2. I hear ya. I don't like stepping in it either, but SIL#2 obviously had a bag! Hyper-zealous neighbor dude should choose his battles.

  3. It was the "poop" headlines that caught my eye. The grand girls reported today that they were NOT suppose to say poop, pee, or what the heck. Then the 4 yr. old said, "Knock, knock, who's there, Poop!" I kind of understand why their parents laid down the law. But really, what words do we use now? I guess "what the hell" is out of the question.

  4. Moogie was feeling a little snippy that day.

    Heh. You're a woman after my own heart, Dear Moogie.

    As far as the construction crew that got off on the wrong foot... Murphy was an optimist, eh?

  5. That's a fine looking animal, Moogie. I just love dogs.

    Remodeling is full of poopy, pee-pee, what the heck days, huh?

    It's a blessing to be able to do things you want to, even if they're a p.i.t.a. while you're doing them.

    You're a blessed woman, Moogie. In so many ways.

  6. ok, good to see i'm not the only one with morons for neighbors. great pics of the doggie looking hapless. i swear he looks just like my lab.

    no roof and then rain? God love ya and bless you moogie! hang in there :-)

  7. Oh... totally relate to the roof is off and NOW it decides to rain??? Bless your heart (Southern for "glad its not me"... ha).

    Welcome to Hillcrest... where everyone is vigilant about the poop. Kinda makes you not want to take your dog on a walk. It's why I built a fence from mine so I wouldn't have to encounter a neighbor like that.