Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gratuitous Stolen Canine Video Re-posted to Drive Traffic

Some days there is just nuthin' better than posting stolen video.  Especially video of a yellow lab haulin' in a big ol' fish!

Good boy!

Stolen from Blood, Dirt, and Angels.


  1. Good job, indeed. I've never seen anything quite like that... and I'm impressed.

  2. Dang! That's a good effort. When I was a kid, our Yellow was such a spazz around water that she'd stop paying attention to commands. So we had to keep her on a long rope to keep her from swimmin' out of hollerin' range.

    One time in the middle of the Rogue River (famous for nasty undertows) she just went down and disappeared. My dad started reeling her in with the rope and she came up from the bottom with a tree branch in her mouth about as big around as my arm and about 6' long.

    Never a fish, though!

  3. It is impressive, Buck! I'm not sure whether I want to show it to Pepper -- he'll be jealous of the size of that fish and will start training Bouyie to be an aggressive angler!

    Your dad was a clever man, Inno! I can't believe she didn't give up the branch! I worry when Pepper swims Bouie in any river -- currents are too tricky, even in oxbows. Of course, alligators are our biggest worry down here -- he doesn't even hunt him down here for fear of gators.

  4. I'm showing this to Sadie. She needs instruction on how to be a real dog, and this would make a good "film strip day" lesson.

    That looked like a catfish. Wow! Those things will spine ya'. Good boy, indeed!

  5. I wondered about the catfish thing, too. I guess that's why he was so careful where he grabbed it. It's almost too big to eat!

    Tell Sadie I'm sorry I got her sent to remedial classes.

  6. Remedial would be a step up for Sadie.