Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Examining the Inner Obama

I just totally do not "get" most of her fashion choices.  Perhaps they have no mirrors in the White House.
H/T Chicks on the Right.

But, this:

This is no mystery whatsoever.  That's precisely what he thinks of his constituents. 

Remember that.  And VOTE!

H/T Namaste


  1. Oh Moogie, they definitely have mirrors in the White House...unless Michelle had them removed after Laura went back to Texas.

    Hmmmmm...could have, I guess. I mean, if ObozO can remove a Churchill bust, then I guess anything is possible.

    Seriously, I almost weep sometimes. Seriously! To realize that my nation could elevate such classless humans to high office almost makes me weep.

    I'm not going to rag on Michelle for her wardrobe, though. I'm starting to believe that she just doesn't know any better...and that EVERYONE around her is scared spitless to bring it up. And, no matter how many "on the outside" point it out, these people are so narcissistic that their dookie smells good...so whatever they choose to do must be "appropriate."

    If our nation survives, I doubt that we will see another black President in my lifetime. These people have screwed the pooch for black folks for at least half a century.

  2. I've heard a lot of speculation lately about that "no more black presidents" thing, and I honestly hope that's wrong. I'm afraid you might be right, knowing the state of race relations in our country, but I truly hope not.

    I hope the American people learn to vet their saviors a little better -- ferret out "the Chicago Way" before annointing them. Class has little to do with race.

    Besides, he's not actually the first black president -- he's half white. We still have the first real black president to look forward to!

    You're right about one thing, though -- Michelle is one scary chick! I'm thinking about duplicating one of those outfits and going as MichelleO for Halloween. Naw -- I can't pulloff horizontal stripes too well either, and the boob belt just makes me laugh.

  3. Go for the horizontal stripes. It IS Halloween, and your mission is to scare as many people as possible.

    If Michelle can pull it off, you can.

    And, I'm with you on the black President thing. It's just a dang shame that THIS GUY had to be the first one. I know he's half white. But, he's enough black to leave an indelible mark on the national psyche. And, it's a shame.

  4. Well, I LUV Shellie. She's a frickin' laugh a minute and NEVER fails to brighten my day. BEST First Lady since... oh, say... Laura. But in a totally different sorta way, yanno?

  5. You're right, Buck -- she IS entertaining. I just love it when she "gardens."

    I know a Michelle costume would be scary-scary-scary, Andy, but I have too meny toddler neighbors and I don't want to scar them for life.

  6. Go for it, Moogie! The little rascals deserve what they get!!!

    It IS Halloweems after all.

    I am working on Sunday until 2:30 pm...then I am coming home to a big ol' pot of gumbo, and a visit from one of my NON VIRTUAL BLOG BUDDIES, who is going to eat with us.

    Just about that time, #2 son will be rolling in from Columbus stinkin' Ohio...to get a big old bowl of Mama's home cooking.

    Then, I plan to rush everyone off before dark...put Master Ross up in his newly remodeled apartment, and go hide from the haints in the bedroom. The porch light will be off, and if the doorbell rings, I might just C.I.L.L. somebody...