Saturday, October 2, 2010

Inter-Game Interlude

Took Bouie to the park to run and run and run.  I didn't let him swim because I'm not comfortable with reptilian things that might be near and/or in the pond.

Also went to vote at Sophie Wright.  Yeah, I know.  We vote on Saturday in Louisiana.  Here are the buses at rest.  Quiet rest!

Looking forward to the 'Bama - Florida game.  After cocktail hour!


  1. Hey Moogie, my Lt. Goober candidate lost. But, my school board candidate won! By four votes. It's a good thing he's got a bunch of kinfolks in our neighborhood.

    It was a gorgeous day.

    And, oh yeah, 'Bama is your national champ. It's over. I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with your Hawgz for the show they put on against The Tide. The Gators were overrated, of course, but St. Nick might be thanking y'all Hawgs for putting the fear of losing in to his boys...and maybe in to himself.

  2. School board candidate on;y won by 4 votes? What, he couldn't dig up a few more dead folks to cast an absentee ballot?!?!

    It was a gorgeous day indeed. Any day is a good day when Texas loses! Even if it was to Oklahoma.

    And I think you might be right about 'Bama -- just powerful. They simply stomped the fool out of the Lizards. More than one of us is now more impressed with the Hogs' performance! Did you get to see any of the LSU game? I know you got called in to work.. Man -- Les is gonna have to get a grip on the offense!

  3. Moogie, I saw the first play when I came home for lunch. 89 yard run...I was thinking positively.

    I heard the end of the game at work via cellphone (long story). Lester is quite possibly the worst time manager in the history of corching.

    Sometimes I don't think he knows what half it is, let alone how much is left of it. Our offense is poor...gonna be bad when we face Gates,Hogs,Tide, and (the other) Tigers...we'll be lucky to score over 10 on any one of them.

    And yes, the Texas loss was sweet, as they all are!

  4. I was disappointed in the 'Bama game... as a game. I switched over to the Orygun game and stayed there, only checking back in with Saban's Boyz when Orygun had a teevee break.

    Labs sure do love to run, don't they? My Lab/Border Collie cross was about as energetic as they come until her last year. Old age catches up with us all.

  5. I like ol' Les, Andy, but he was kinda in the ozone yesterday. Just try telling that to the LSU fans down here, though!

    I think Andy may have nailed it, Buck -- this season is over insofar as any suspense about who'll win the BCS.

    I can't imagine a lab/border collie mix! Talk about high energy/maintenance!! I think I finally managed to wear Bouie out a little yesterday -- he's been fairly calm today.

  6. Moogie, did you read what Lester said about the end of the game?

    "The necessity of the run that we like as opposed to just a run or an advantage in play to just a play."

    Yep, Les was on top of his game fo' sho'!

  7. Yeah, I saw that. Heh. Reminded me of some of the old "W" quotation calendars. Pretty bizarre.

  8. Moogie, that is one of Les' better, more understandable quotations. Seriously.

    That one actually made sense...after cocktail hour.