Monday, October 18, 2010

The Halloween Scene Around the Crescent City

Taken after a Sunday afternoon trip to Audubon Park with Bouie, these are just a few of the skeletons-out-of-the-closet on the front lawn of a beautiful St. Charles Avenue mansion, most labelled with some pretty punny names.  There's even a Red Skelton's Skeleton that I didn't photograph.  Click to enlarge.

The first shot is "the Thinker,"  "The Scream," and a Witch Trap.

Second is a pair of bony lovers sharing "The Kiss of Death."

Next is a typical NOLA politician.

And last is a Skeleton Crew engaged in a little fun and games.

I have a few other that didn't transfer from the iPhone.  I'll try to fix that.

Who says rich folks don't have a good sense of humor!


  1. Ummm... I thought every day was Halloween in N'Awlins. It sure seemed like it during every visit I made there. We just be sayin', yanno?

    Pretty cool pics, tho. WAY-cool, actually!

  2. Rich folks have great senses of humor for the most part. And, the coins to spend on decorations.

    I worked for a short time at a home decor store that specializes in seasonal stuff. At Halloween, you would not believe the rich folks pouring in to that place to buy every conceivable piece of high priced Chinese made junk for their front lawns.

    I was truly astounded. And, they seemed to be more excited about it than the seasonal Christmas crowd ever was.

    Just shows to go ya'...

    I'm like my brother/sister under the flesh, Shirley Q. I don't like me no Halloweems! I gets scarred with all them haints walkin' 'round the projek. I usually just goes to drinkin' early, and holds up in the bafroom until it's over.

  3. It may seem that way, Buck, but we really get into it at Halloween and Mardi Gras!

    If we were scarred of haints, we couldn't stay in our house, Andy! It amazes me, too, how much folks will drop on Halloween. I even have lights up in the front yard! Not many, though -- just a "reasonable" number of ghosties and light-up candy corn! Pepper thinks I've lost it.