Monday, October 25, 2010

Richmond, Congressional Candidate From a Culture of Corruption

Let's chat about Cedric Richmond, Democratic candidate for the Second District of Louisiana Congressional seat currently held by Republican Anh "Joseph" Cao.

Cedric is an attorney (sort of) and a term-limited state Legislator whose antics give new meaning to the term "weasel."

Back in 2005, he thought it might be a lark to sit on the New Orleans City Council. So, he filled out his qualifying papers and declared an address that turned out not to be his "domicile." The Supreme Court was not amused and removed him from the ballot 8 days before the April 2005 election. Subsequently, in 2008, following an investigation into misconduct by the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board, the Supreme Court suspended his law license for six months in a 5 -2 decision (one dissenter would've imposed a lengthier suspension) for falsifying an official document.   Charming.

In 2007, while serving in the Legislature, Richmond, while patronizing a pool hall in Baton Rouge, got into a bar brawl with another guy and was charged with misdemeanor disturbing the peace, with charges later dropped. The police report notes that "alcohol was a factor" in the fight over a pool table.   Dripping with class.

The State Board of Ethics has fined him $2,000 for failing to disclose within the appropriate time frame some legal work he did between 2004 and 2006 for absentee parents in adoptions. The guy is a lawyer and a legislator and he doesn't know when and which form to file? And he wants us to send him to Congress?!?!   Mensa candidate.

There are also some pretty serious, Jefferson-family-worthy allegations that Richmond solicited and steered substantial amounts of grant money intended for underprivileged kids to his main squeeze (who was later charged with felonious theft, but pleaded out to misdemeanor theft) and other diversions.   Soulless.

The injuring-kids scheme is the main issue that Cao's campaign seems to be hitting -- this arrived in the mailbox on Saturday.

I just cannot fathom why any thinking person could possibly cast a vote for this scum. Sure, he's rounded up the endorsements of a few local big-wig Dems and even the Young President filmed a commercial for him that ran during the Saints opener ("New Orleans needs Cedric Richmond in Congress, and so do I . . . ." -- as if that's not enough to tell you what Ced's made of!) .

But, consider this -- his closest competition in the primary (a rather earthy, brash young man) recently endorsed Cao! Also jumping across the aisle to endorse Cao and his unquestionable ethics are a New Orleans City Councilwoman, Orleans Parish Assessor, an Orleans Parish judge and the popular Sheriff of Jefferson Parish. Folks, this just doesn't happen to the Democratic party in a general election in Southeast Louisiana.

While I believe Cao to be a RINO, I can't begin to think about sending someone as corrupt as Richmond in Congress. There are other candidates in the race, but to call them longshots is masterful understatement. So, I suppose I shall hold my nose and vote for Cao. At least he responds to my emails, and is usually on point.

The DCCC has pulled its advertising money from this race -- speculation as to why ranges from "Richmond has it in the bag," to "we didn't vet him well enough and now need to leave him twisting in the wind."

This is getting really interesting.


  1. There must be some kind of space/time anomaly that makes creeps want to run for office in LA-2. I think the other end of that wormhole is here in Oregon.

  2. Moogie, I think there are some pictures missing from your post. It could just be me, though.

    I had always tagged Cao as a "one termer," due to the fact that he would have lost badly, had it not been for a hurricane that shoved his election back a month. Had it come off as scheduled, tens of thousands of first time voters (voting for ObozO) would have swept Jefferson back in to office.

    But, Cao just might survive, given the current temperature. I have always felt bad for Cao. He's a decent guy, representing an odd Disctrict, and trying to juggle jello to avoid getting ousted the first time around.

    The Crescent City is a tough place for Vietnamese...

  3. Yep, Andy -- I published the post from a Word document and had to go in to do the links and pics. Try again. It's really gertting interesting around here!

    Inno -- we've just scratched the surface. But, at least we don't want to give pour votes away to resident aliens!

  4. ...even the Young President filmed a commercial for him...

    Why am I NOT surprised? Wait. Don't answer that. Coz I know the answer.

  5. It's kinda that "cut from the same cloth" thing, Buck. But then, you knew that didn't ya?

    And, Inno -- I meant OUR votes, not POUR votes. Although giving them to aliens might be like pouring them down a rathole.

  6. He is EXACTLY what Obama needs. And he seems like the typical Democrat to me. Full steam ahead!!!

    Oh, and if you like using an editor instead of Blogger, try Windows Live Writer, you can post from the software and it doesn't mess stuff up like Word. Plus, it is free and has no limit to the number of blogs that you can post to from within the software.

  7. Thanks for the tip, Paul!

    And he is precisely an Obama Democrat.