Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Visitors and Saintly Christmas Wishes

I'm stealing Elder Daughter's post today -- because I think she's so clever and talented! She came up with "Bark, the Furry Angels Sing," and designed the Christmas card you see above, which is also, obviously, on my refrigerator. The subjects of the card, two of our granddogs Ty and Pippi Lou, will arrive along with Elder Daughter and her Intended tomorrow night for a Saints v. Cowboys battle-cum-victoire/Daddy Birthday Dinner party!

Yay -- five dogs in the house.

At least it stopped raining!

The other pic is a Christmas card I received from a friend -- I'm not posting the second page -- yet! I don't want to jinx the Bless You Boys! But, as a little hint, I plan to post it a little later, once we get past the playoffs!

I'm SO happy my dogs are outside today in actual sunshine -- they were starting to have some serious crankiness (Wendy jumped Rosie and pierced her little forehead) and wet doggy odor!


  1. I will send along continuous, strenuous, and concentrated thoughts for good weather for the duration. Five dogs NEED their outside time!