Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Thoughts about Tiger

Sorry -- just couldn't resist. I have been one of Tiger's biggest fans, but now I'm really ticked off at him. Who cares if he's a huge celebrity!? He took a wedding vow just like the gazillion commoners in this world who manage to keep their extra-marital lust in their hearts and their stroke-shaving equipment in their pants.

I'll miss watching him drive, though -- and I'll certainly miss watching him walk away from me. Just like Greg Norman.

Hmmm -- is it getting warm in here?


  1. I'm not what one would call a fan, but I have long admired the man's dominance and excellence in his field. I'm kinda-sorta amazed at how much play (heh) this story is getting -- is it really news that professional athletes fool around? And did Tiger ever set himself up as a paragon of virtue? No, and no...

  2. I posted the same pic on Facebook and someone asked me why I care about what he does. After thinking about it, I think this is it: "I care what he does because he had not only my admiration, but also my respect. I thought he could be different; the beginning of admirable superstars, worthy of the public's respect, unlike so many athletes, media darlings, and elected officials. My admiration he'll always have because he's probably the greatest golfer ever to swing a club, but he spat on my respect. I don't offer my respect lightly -- and he chewed it up and spat it out. How do I trust my instincts after that?

  3. VERY good points about respect, Moogie. I'll shut up and go back to my corner now. ;-)