Thursday, December 10, 2009

Speaking of Being Easily Entertained . . . .

I listen to an irreverent morning radio show that originates out of Houston (it used to originate from New Orleans!) where 2 guys use 5 voices (the real John Walton, Billy Ed Hatfield the redneck, Mr. Kenneth the gay hairdresser, and Mr. Eaux the New 'Awlins black guy, and occasionally the real Stephen Johnson) to do commentary and interviews and play satiric songs; it's the Walton & Johnson Show. (Caveat: their website is not wholly "family friendly!").

Occasionally, they come up with a jewel and I just need to figure out some way to use it. So, today, I'm posting one from this morning here, just because it gave me such a giggly visual.

They were speaking of Gary Busey and how he's preparing to become a father again at 65 with his 35 year-old girlfriend (if that doesn't make you tired just thinking about it, I don't know what would!), and they were discussing how nicely he "cleaned up" in a picture they found on the 'net.

"Of course," Billy Ed said, "he still has crazy pasted all over him, just like a stain."

HAAA! Just like a stain!

Priceless -- and pretty dang accurate, I'd venture.

Crazy pasted all over him just like a stain! Heh.


  1. "Of course," Billy Ed said, "he still has crazy pasted all over him, just like a stain."

    OK... I freely admit I lead a somewhat sheltered life and I probably need to get out more. A lot more. But I need some splainin'... coz I just don't get it. Am I weird?

    re: A father at 65. Yeah, that does make me tired. Being a new Daddy at 52 was almost too danged exciting for me...

  2. Oh my gosh! Busey is a genuine, certifiable, unmedicated, way-far-beyond-eccentric kook!

    No -- you're not weird -- just, as you say, sheltered. Sometimes -- usually, in these times -- that's not such a bad thing!