Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Senate Goes Off the Deep End and I Am Not Jumping In to Rescue My Senator

The snowfall in D.C. must have buried the last ounce of common sense remaining in the hallowed halls of the Capitol. I have lost all faith in my government, and that really depresses me. So, to share my holiday doom-and-gloom, I emailed the following today to my Senator, Mary Landrieu:

I am a registered Independent and resident of New Orleans.

Judging by its actions today in connection with the proposed health care legislation, it is increasingly apparent that the Senate has taken leave of its senses. This proposal (and others) clearly will saddle taxpayers and their progeny with such a massive amount of debt that I fear for the solvency of our nation and its business enterprises.

The "deal-making" in which you and your colleagues in the Senate have engaged is reprehensible. Your strategy to cover your own posterior is crystal clear -- plus it is undeniable that you wish to promote only the best interests of the Democratic Party, not your constituents nor your country.

Congress is out of control when it comes to spending money which we do not have and enacting legislation simply for the purpose of enacting legislation. We are clearly on the fast track to becoming that which we have, in the past, laughed at with great derision: a European-style, statist, bankrupt joke. And that future -- the breakdown of our once great nation -- rests squarely on your shoulders; yours and those of your disingenuous, unscrupulous colleagues on Capitol hill.

I have never been ashamed to be an American, but today I am close to that point. Furthermore, I am deeply ashamed to have voted for you in the past to represent my interests and those of my grandchildren. That is not a mistake I shall commit again. In fact, if you continue down this fiscally and socially reckless and irresponsible path of legislation, I shall do everything in my power to see you and your colleagues unseated and unceremoniously sent home, in coach.

This legislation must fail if we are to survive as a world leader. Wake up, look around at what other countries have experienced, and act responsibly before we become little more than a second-rate world debtor.

P.S. GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ride dem Cowboys hard and put 'em up wet!


  1. Sorry about Landrieu, sorry about the Saints. Sorry I put both entities in the same sentence fragment, too. Well done on the letter, tho!

  2. wow! that is a GREAT letter, moogie p. good for you!

    bad for us, as the shananigans continue with our congress.

  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Moogie!

  4. hope you had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, moogie p! God bless you and your family.


  5. Happy New Year to you and yours, Moogie!