Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thankful . . . And Home.

It's hard to get caught up after a funeral and a family Thanksgiving. And yet more driving. All told, this trip wound up being about 2,000 miles, including one oil change and one nail in a tire.

Life as we have come to know it in the White House rolls along: The Young President telegraphed our offense to the opponent -- at West Point yet. Egad. Who knows what's going on in Honduras!

It's cold in New Orleans, but the Saints are 11 - 0!! (There will be no further discussion of Razorback football until the Liberty Bowl.)

The first hint of Mardi Gras takes place tomorrow night when my new, all-female Krewe, the Krewe of Muses, holds its holiday bazaar. Wine, frivolity, and shopping -- what could be better!

Why, the Saints being 12 - 0 will be better, of course! Beat the Redskins, Who Dat Nation!

I threw in a shot of Bouie hard at work at duck camp last week, decked out appropriately, of course. He's always been the dapper dresser. Steve took the pic -- I think it's calendar quality! Bouie didn't get to fetch any ducks, but he did get two 20+ pound geese, one of which was still alive and flapping! He didn't have to kill it (fortunately!) -- he just managed to get hold of its neck and hauled it back to Pepper for the ultimate dispatch. (I'd post the pics, but . . . you know.)

Duck gumbo will taste pretty darn good on Christmas Eve.


  1. Welcome home. I missed ya!

    Agreed on the "calendar quality" pic... very nice.

  2. I missed y'all, too! It's kinda hard to keep up with my blog buddies when the daughter has 3 papers to get done before the end of the semester and hogs her own computer! I knew that instilling responsibility in my kids would come back to bite me one day!