Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tyson's Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Okay, so my daughter is browbeating me.

This is Tyson, one of my granddogs. (Yeah -- the boxer is named "Tyson." My daughter vows that her significant other will have to explain to their pup why he was named after a sociopathic, ear-ripping rapist).
Apparently this adorable photo of him has been entered in a newspaper contest with the caption, "Being cute is so tiring!" (I have to admit, it is a cute photo.)

So, if you'd like to cast a vote for the precious pup, go here, register, and click on "save vote."

There. Are you satisfied, Elder Daughter?


  1. Heh. "Duty and Obligation," in the parental sense. :D

    Cute pic!

  2. oh man! that is one of the best doggie photos i've ever seen!