Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow in Southeast Louisiana!

Well, this doesn't happen here often!

Poor little southeast Louisiana football play-offers are not accustomed to winter weather! Snow fell last night on the northshore of Lake Ponchartrain, and we even had some of what we lovingly refer to as "fat raindrops" plop on the windshield as we drove across the Crescent City Connection (the big bridge over the Mississippi River) to a progressive dinner party aboard the Naval Support Activity. There might even have been a crunching or two of sleet.

Shelters are open and the weather-people are simply beside themselves, warning us all to prepare to protect the "4 Ps" -- plants, pets, pipes, and people. They don't get much opportunity to get all excited in the winter -- hurricane season is usually their "star" time.

Our biggest concern was driving across a big bridge in the company of lots of folks who have no clue about how to drive in winter precipitation. Fortunately, they chose to drive slowly and cautiously.

The surprise arrival of winter certainly did make a festive backdrop for a Christmas gathering -- even if it was a little soggy making the trip between courses. And Bouie got to do a cold weather swim this morning -- his favorite. Pepper said Bouie was really happy to swim once he figured out that the water was probably warmer than the air!

I love winter in the south!

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  1. I love winter in the south!

    Heh. It's fun to watch clue-free people flounder on the roads, if nothing else. Also assuming you're not caught up among 'em. Somewhere in my archives I have pics of a significant snowfall in Biloxi during the winter of '63-'64. Us AirPeeps LOVED it: school was canceled and we walked into Biloxi for the day (the buses quit running). It was almost like a ghost town.