Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear Santa, the Saints are on the Path to 13 - 0, so . . . !

Saw this too late for the last Saints - Falcons game. It's perfect for this week.

Our whiz-kid Governor has predicted a 19 - 0 Saints season through the Super Bowl. Let's hope he has a crystal ball stashed somewhere in the Mansion!!

Gotta find me an ample Santa's lap so I can ask him to give the "Bless You Boys" a trip to Miami in February for Christmas!! Bomb those Dirty Birds! Geaux Saints!!!


  1. Nice P-Shop on the A-10. Me likee!

    re: ...stashed somewhere in the Mansion!!

    All y'all have a governor's Mansion? I thought it was a gubernatorial double-wide? Or am I confusing Loosyana with Arkansas? ;-)

  2. Before they moved back into the "big" house after repairs, the Arkansas Guv and wife (Mike and Janet) lived on the Governor's Mansion grounds in a TRIPLE-wide, thank you very much! Former Pres. Clinton's Library in Little Rok looks kinda like a double-wide, though.