Sunday, October 18, 2009

Football Weather!!!!!!

I'm wearing sweat pants, sweatshirt and socks (this is significant because I hardly ever wear socks!!)! It's football weather in New Orleans!!!

UPDATE: SAINTS 48 - Giants 27!!! WHO DAT!!!!!!! Not dem Giants!!!!


  1. It's football weather in New Orleans!!!

    And here on The High Plains of New Mexico, as well... the furnace kicked on twice last night. :D

    Sorry about your Hogs, Moogie. I was pullin' for ya.

  2. Thanks, Buck. We feel like we won the game -- seiously bad officiating. You KNOW something's up when the #1 team pours onto the field in celebration when they barely slipped by an unranked team! I just hope the Hogs manage to get a few more games televised down here.

    On the other hand -- Saints 48 - Giants 27 is a helluva consolation prize!!!!