Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween Brings Visitors!

Too much heavy-duty housework today to expect much in the gray matter department, and waaaaay too much action going on in D.C. to digest. Sometimes I do miss the days when I would go to work and come home to a clean house!

Our girls, and at least one of their precious friends, are coming for a visit at the end of the month so that Shay's bridal portrait can be shot in New Orleans! Yep -- on Halloween. What a hoot. I asked Shay if she was going to dress up as a bride to go Trick-or-Treating; can't you just picture how widely she rolled her eyes on the other end of the phone conversation?

Anyway, it turns out that Halloween was the only open date the photographer had, so she jumped on it. Odd -- you'd think that someone in New Orleans would want to get married on Halloween!

So, we get a lagniappe visit from the girls!! That calls for some good old-fashioned Halloween decorations, and Moogie isn't one to let down the kids when it comes to holiday over-adornment! The glowing ghosties haven't been hung on the side porch yet because it's been a bit too rainy to mess around with electrically-powered things outdoors, but I'm making progress inside.

A fun menu is next on the agenda -- but there will definitely be a big pot of traditional Chicken Chili using JB's recipe (sometime in the late 80s when the fathers took the kids on their rounds while we cooked, somewhere between the pre-drinking and precise spicing of the Chicken Chili, we came up with the enactment and imposition of the infamous "Halloween Candy Parent Tax," in which the parents, under the auspices of inspecting Halloween treats for razor blades or strychnine or some such devilment, get first pick of the really good stuff!).

I love Halloween!


  1. the second photo of the spider reminds me of the one everyone in our family likes to scare each other with - i like to put it in one of the toilets for those special occasions!

  2. the infamous "Halloween Candy Parent Tax,"

    Heh. We had a similar duty in MY household, as well. Funny how that works... :D

  3. hey how about that chicken chili recipe? that sounds delish!

    i hope you post some pics of your daughter. or would the eyes go rolling at that thought too? i got 2 young ladies of my own so i know how it is.