Saturday, October 3, 2009

(Stolen) Olympic Moment

Couldn't resist.

Besides -- it's a football Saturday and the Razorbacks are coming up after the LSU game, so I deserve a little time off courtesy of "borrowing!"

Whoo Pig Sooooiiiieeee!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You really whupped up on them Aggies, dint ya? :D

  2. Whoooooo Pig!!!!! The Aggies are my least favorite team from the old Southwest Conference. It has to do with a spitting incident when I was a Razorback cheerleader. My memory tends to be a little long and unforgiving!

  3. Ummm... I'd be unforgiving as well. In SPADES.

  4. didn't see it - avoided the tele all weekend at the cabin. did enjoy the deer in the yard - can you say JERKY?!?