Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Home Again as Halloween Looms!

Not a lot of time to devote to my growing and unrelenting mistrust of and anger toward Congress, but I'm sure to explode at some point in the very near future.

Successful road trip completed, recovery continues, being punished by dogs-left-behind is about over. Houseguests arrive Thursday night (well, early-early Friday morning) for bridal portrait shoot. On Halloween. In the French Quarter. What do you want to bet that the full-out bridal regalia won't turn a single head!

Speaking of Halloween -- the above is a double blast from the past. The dress dates back to 1972 (high school "Masque Ball" in the gym!); photo is vintage 1987.

The little Go-Go Girl is the bride-to-be. Time really does fly.

No. I can't get into the dress these days.

But I'm making progress!


  1. WHY is go-go stuck in your head?!?!? ;)

    Totally a punk rocker. Daddy was a punk rocker, too!!!

  2. GREAT pic! And yeah: time does fly. Oh, My, yes...

  3. Time doesn't so much fly as it does a nosedive after 50! Convinced I'll never be a size 4-6 EVAR again, I've boxed all my old clothing to give to a clothing bank. If it's ever regretted, then I'll buy new clothing! Dangit, IS IT WRONG TO BE A SIZE 9-10-12 IN THIS DAY AND AGE?!?