Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Check. Next Crisis, Please.

Sorry I've been AWOL for awhile.  We're getting ready to start a construction project in Little Rock -- adding on to our little rent house there -- and I'm kind of the project manager, travelling back and forth.  It should be an "interesting" couple of months, leading up to starting on Moogie's Retirement Villa.  I wish I had Lou and Toby around to advise me!

Anyway, I'm choosing to side-step the whole debt ceiling mess for awhile with one small exception --

Although, I'm not so sure the Young President can claim a victory lap on this one.  The Conservatives seem to have taken the biggest chunk out of the compromise pie (except for the not really cutting any spending part -- it's really just not spending as much more as the left would like to spend).  Kind of refreshing -- And promising.  Sort of.  Moogie appears to be wearing those rose-colored glasses again.

Well, maybe I made a medium-sized exception.  Hey, we all have to take a "balanced approach," right?

 P.S. -- the Young President is yammering again, after the vote in the Senate on the Debt Ceiling debacle-bill.  Egad, if he doesn't go on a golf trip or junket or climb a mountain sometime soon, and STFU, I may lose it.  He needs some new speechwriters -- every time he gets to a microphone lately, what comes out of his mouth turns into a key-word-trigger drinking game opportunity.  AA must have seen a big uptick the last few weeks.) 

P.P.S. -- I REALLY don't like this "Super Congress" thing.


  1. Moogie, ObozO needs to go take a long walk off a short cliff.

    I don't like the committee deal, either. I don't trust them. I can see a 6-6 vote on everything. And, if I understand it right, the good and Constitutional duties of Congress will take the same hits as all the other crap they've contrived.

  2. "AA must have seen a big uptick the last few weeks." That's hysterical timing because a new study came out yesterday stating that Washington, D.C. adults have the highest level of drug and alcohol dependence in the nation.

    I don't live in D.C. but I can verify that the politicians there drive me to drink.

  3. The consensus on memeorandum seems to be The One and his Eeevil Minions lost big on this. I tend to agree, based on the mewling comin' from the Professional Left and asshats like Krugman.

    That said, I don't like a LOT about this "deal," at least the bits I've read so far. But the WSJ likes it and the NYT doesn't, so those are big pluses.

  4. Fergot!! Good luck on yer project management activities! I'm sure Lou can give ya some tips when she gets back from the mountains.

  5. It is all so stupid and crazy I don't even have words to comment.
    Where have all the brains gone in life?

  6. Ma'am, you crisis de jour is ready: Now we're heading towards a double-dip recession and it's all the evil Tea Party's fault 'cuz they demanded such draconian cuts.

    [insert facepalm gesture here]