Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Few of the Things that Michelle Obama Would Prefer We Avoid

I got nothin'.  So, what does one do when struck by writer's block?

Punt to Food Porn, of course!

Here are some of the many, many reasons to visit New Orleans.  Just try to do it after you've successfully shed a few pounds, or been subjected to an extended famine.

Bananas Foster (and Abita Amber) at the New Orleans School of Cooking.  Schools of Cooking are a very New Orleans kind of thing.  My supermarket, Rouse's, just opened an in-store Wine Bar and Cooking School!  I haven't tried it yet, but I plan to try it out.  I hope one can't get a DWI while pushing a shopping cart.

Lovely little lagniappe Breezer cocktail at Cafe Adelaide.  One can experience quite the birthday lunch at Adelaide.

The Original Barbecue Shrimp at Pascal's Manale.  Bib provided.  And needed.

Some sort of lovely white fish and pasta with carrots and artichokes at Pascal's.  I can't remember what the appetizer was -- the stuff in the gratin dish, beside the homemade bread.  I think it involved eggplant, garlic, and butter or cheese. 

Mussels topped with crispy, garlicky pommes frites at The Flaming Torch.

Pork Two Ways with gratin potato stack at Coquette.

Some lovely filet-ish thing with mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes at Commander's Palace.  Unfortunately, Pepper got Moogie's portion of filet because the food gods have a very bad sense of humor and rendered Moogie allergic to beef.  Don't feel too sorry for me, though -- this was a five-course business meal honoring the retiring EVP of HR.  I didn't go hungry.

Individual berry cobbler and chocolate profiteroles at Mr. B's Bistro.

Gazpacho in the making and cocktail hour at Moogie's Mansion, including mint, basil, and jalapeno from the garden.

Perhaps now you understand why there is more of Moogie to love since she moved to New Orleans.  You'll have to excuse me now -- I need to go find a little something for a full tummy.


  1. I live and die for Abita Amber...hard to get here.

    Nothing like a morning 5 mile run through the Quarter, ending up at a bar with a 32 Oz Abita Amber to go (or two 20oz if they don't have 32 oz cups), all before 8AM.

  2. But, not in the serious summer months! Abita has done some serious expansion.

  3. Oh, Moogie. I had NO idea... not even the slightest glimmer... of just how CRUEL you can be. Here I am, trapped in a culinary desert, and you provide tasty mirages that are well and truly beyond the reach of a parched and dying man.

    So to speak. ;-)

  4. And that ain't the half of it, Buck!