Monday, August 15, 2011

A Wee Bit of Overkill in the Law Department & UPDATE

A headline in today's Times-Picayune screams, "State unfurls 233 new laws today"!

Two hundred thirty-three new laws take effect in Louisiana today.

Earthshaking laws like authorizing a $20 bump in Traffic Court costs, allowing car dealers to sell cars featuring front seat passenger DVD screens, forbidding extra-bright headlights not installed by the car's manufacturer, and prohibiting those convicted of heinous sex crimes from accessing Internet chat rooms and certain websites.

We have a new Official State Gemstone: the Cabachon Cut gemstone, made by Louisiana oysters. See above.  (It replaces the Agate, which has been re-categorized as the Official State Mineral.  Agate is found in Louisiana gravel.  Our former state gemstone was gravel.  Really?!?)

We can now kill as many feral hogs as we wish, but we have to let the police know a day in advance before firing off any rounds.  Plan accordingly.

Two hundred thirty-three new laws.  Two hundred thirty-three new laws which will accompany the 1,063 new laws enacted last year.  That's what happens when you have a legislature that meets every year, with a mission.

Extrapolate the above out to Congress and you get an immediate headache.  And pain in the wallet.


UPDATE:  The ACLU has filed suit seeking to have the sex criminals' access to Facebook and other online fora (or "forums" for those who think using the word, "fora," is snooty) restored, claiming that the free speech rights of sex offenders are violated thereby.  Stay tuned.

**double sigh**


  1. Can you classify ACLU lawyers as feral hogs? Just give a days warning...

  2. It must have been slow year for LA law makers, so they decided to make a few more laws. I'm with Proud Hillbilly.

  3. Moogie, I am a life-long Louisiana legislature watcher. One of the biggest problems (and you touched on it) is the fact that they meet every year (plus special sessions). Every two years would be plenty.

    The foolishness of the "fiscal only" session is that legislators can still introduce "non-fiscal" bills (I think 6 apiece...and they DO IT, too).

    Another huge problem we have is that they will readily, quickly, and passionately vote on bills of no consequence (or of little consequence). Then, ANYTHING controversial...any really tough vote they have to make gets sent to the voters in the form of Constitutional Amendments. That's why our Constitution is the mess that it is.

    Well, you probably already know all this. But, maybe it will be informative to someone reading the comments.