Saturday, August 6, 2011

Now Tell Me About That Inheritance Thing Again, Mr. President . . .

We need to remember this one in 2012:

Stolen from Facebook.


  1. The bond rating is getting more and more like barry's hidden college transcripts: not very many A's.

  2. What a legacy: "first downgrade, evah."

    This couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy, yet I still wish it hadn't.

  3. And I glimpsed a headline as I walked through a store today about Democrats demanding more taxes because of the downgrade. All I could think of, in huge bold letters, was "STOP SPENDING YOU IDIOTS!!!!!!!"

  4. So,Inno, I guess we'll just have to "trust" the ratings like we're expected to do about Barry's backstory.

    Yeah, Buck. *sigh*

    They just don't get it, PH. They're like teenagers with Daddy's credit card.