Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Musings About Hatred

I'm not one to hate easily.  But, do you know what I hate?

I hate it when thoughtless, slovenly people throw empty glass bottles into the water at City Park where adorable dogs who are banned from the City Bark Dog Park because they're still in possession of their family jewels must go to swim instead.

Then, I really hate it when one must drop a C-note at the vet to fix the by-product of that thoughtlessness.

At least he didn't have to have stitches.  Poor puppy.


  1. Wow. I thought I live in a totalitarian place. But even we don't have Testicle Inspectors policing the dog parks.

  2. Yeah -- we have effete, one-issue, yuppie do-gooders trying to effect a humpless pet utopia. Sickens me. And obviously causes my dog to bleed.

  3. Yikes. That really is horrid.

  4. Ouch. I'm SO with you on the hating. If ever there was a reason for hate, this is it.

    I hope Bouie is better, soonest.

  5. Awwww....bwess his pwecious heart.

  6. Bring Bouie up here to visit Murphy. They can both swim in the river to their heart's content.