Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's Been Five Years?

As Innominatus pointed out in the comments to Thursday's post, yesterday was the much vaunted and celebrated fifth birthday of the Young Prince of Moogie's Mansion, Bouligny Voodoo, more commonly known as simply Bouie.

He chose to commemorate the day by roughhousing with his parents, rolling in the grass, barking at passersby, and sharing the pork tenderloin served for dinner.  But he wasn't very adept at blowing out candles.

His vet (otherwise known to him as "The Magic Treat Lady") calls him "Amber Eyes."

What a joy is that handsome, 80 pound package of unconditional, people-pleasing love.

Happy belated birthday, Bou!


  1. Bouie looks like a Prince among dogs, and I mean that quite literally: he has that regal look. All y'all are fortunate indeed to share his company!

  2. Happy Birthday, buddy...from me and Murphy.

  3. Bouie says thanks, guys -- and Murphy!

    In my photo file I named the lower picture "Regal Bouie."

  4. Awww... I want one too!

    Happy birthday and many belly rubs and scratches to the four legged prince!

  5. Many returns from the Princesses Niki and Jazz Bouie!

  6. I'd love to have another one, Dave! He got to swim and have a bath!

    And thanks to the Princesses too, Deb!