Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddies' Day 2011

I haven't yet downloaded the pictures from the most recent wedding, but I'll do so shortly.  In the meantime, Happy Fathers' Day to all the fathers out there and you guys who have -- or had -- fathers.  Love you all!

Pepper has already enjoyed a round of golf this morning (who can really enjoy physical, outdoor activity when it's 95 degrees and 463% humidity?!?!  I think he deceives himself sometimes, but it's Fathers' Day, so let the deception proceed.)  We're getting ready to join some friends at their home for a family-style barbecue (and more golf on tv, I would venture).

Sometimes I miss the good old days when the girls always had their dance recital on Fathers' Day.  That was a way their teacher encouraged families to spend time together.  No stress involved there at all.  No sir. One year, Younger Daughter's number was a Daddy/Daughter Dance.  Pepper had been working in D.C. the week before, but he made special arrangements to fly home for one day so he could dance in that number with her.  That was a pretty neat Daddy-thing to do.  That was also the weekend that OJ Simpson did his special slow-motion cop chase through LA.  I wonder if there's a connection?  Nah.  Pepper would never drive that slowly.

Anyway, here's last year's post (that incorporates the previous year's post.)  You can see Pepper dancing with his baby daughter at her wedding reception shortly.  Cheers to the Dads!  Especially mine -- Happy Boompie Day, Boomps!


  1. What I would not GIVE for the humidity to fall to 463% here. But, at least the plants are getting water, since it has not rained in four weeks. The SCUBA gear required to breathe is somewhat cumbersome, though.

  2. Pepper did do a great daddy thang. Happy Father's Day to Pepper.

  3. What I said last year, minus the stripper name stuff.

    And now for sumthin' completely different: Current humidity: 6%. That would be SIX. Wind speed: 30 with gusts of 45. I don't know which is worse...