Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wedding Day, Minus 3 -- and Hello Hurricane Season 2011

So, I'm thinking the tire gods are as angry with me as the Blogger gods have been recently.

I got on the road later than I would have liked (because I had to wait for a UPS delivery requiring a signature -- and the delivery guy was out of treats for Bouie, who was already stressed out by all the packing and taking of Rosie to the kennel early without him. Yeah, he doesn't go until today because Pepper needed company last night. So, I had to dig up some old treats for Bouie because he was wearing his pitiful face. It was a hectic scenario at Moogie's Mansion.)

So, I got on the road later than I would've liked, but early enough to get me to Little Rock in time to get some wedding stuff done. I downed my Wendy's grilled chicken wrap and was settling down on the long I-10 bridge over the spillway when I heard a lot of racket; I couldn't figure out what it was for a bit, and initially thought the beat-up car beside me needed to have its engine looked at, when it dawned on me that I had a flat. Going 65 mph, on a bridge, I had a blowout. In a car that was loaded to the gills with wedding and reception paraphernalia.

Several hours, and USAA Roadside Assistance, later, after kind assistance from a lady state trooper (who offered to help me change the tire!), a tow to a "safe place" (because the Roadside Assistance folk don't change tires on an interstate bridge), and a hefty wait for the tire changer at the truck stop casino (because tow folks don't change tires), I was back on the road. But, by golly, after proving to myself that I could still change a tire a few months back, I had vowed not to do that again, and I remained true to my vow.

I didn't get to Little Rock until after 10:00.

It was a long day.

And all this is to say that posting will probably be sparse the next few days until we buy all the booze in central Arkansas, deliver stuff all over creation, entertain, and marry off the last child. It will be glorious!

I need a nap.


  1. Good Lord woman, sounds like you need a whole sset of new tires. Get that looked after would you?

    Blogger's at it again, so I'm appearing as anon. :(

  2. Is it just coincidence that hurricane season and your last daughter's wedding are arriving at the very same time?

    I thought N'Awlins cops pushed you off the bridge if you broke down there? I don't mean "in the water," I mean to the other side. Didn't it used to be that way? Or am I thinkin' about a different bridge?

    Great good luck to you and yours for the busy week, Moogie.

  3. Moogie, I hope y'all have a fabulous week. I know you will.

    Hit the booze early, though. Don't want to get hogged out of it.

    Really excited, and happy for you all. Don't forget your passport when you try to get back into the United States...that would really suck.

  4. You guys are fabulous! Thanks a million!

    I'm not sure why Blogger hates us so much, Deb. We're so adorable!

    I'm gonna try to sleep now. I hope.

    Love y'all!