Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Army Birthday and Flag Day 2011

A very important day in the U.S.A.!  Sa-lute!

This yummy cake was served at the Grand Opening of the new Commissary at Belle Chasse NAS/JRB in March.  I've been saving this picture just for this day!  Hooah!

(Plus, the Brass finally came to its collective senses, listened to enlisted and non-coms, and did away with that cumbersome beret for everyday ACU.  Back to the field cap at last!  The beret is all right for dress uniforms, but it's kinda silly and a pain in the neck for ACUs.  I just wish they'd done it 9 years ago so that Pepper wouldn't have had to spend all that time shaping and shaving the silly things.  But, I'm still not sure why the term switched from "Battle Dress Uniform" to "Army Combat Uniform."  I guess hopey-change-for-change's-sake has been going on longer than we suspected.)


  1. I guess hopey-change-for-change's-sake has been going on longer than we suspected.

    Ain't THAT the truth. I COULD go on about military idiocy, but I won't. You're welcome.

  2. There's actually a new army uniform, called the MCU (I think). Saw some soldiers from Camp Shelby wearing it in Hattiesburg, MS a few weeks back.

    And I'm sure several people are very tickled about getting rid of the beret. Silly move on Shinseki's part, that was.

  3. Indeed to both of you gentlemen. I think I heard they're dumping the sissy light green shirts, too. I don't know why they ever deserted good ol' khakis.

  4. The present Class A's look like a weird hybrid between a leisure suit and a business suit. I know it's an added expense, but dangit, they should really phase it all out and go back to WWII-era Class A and Class B uniforms. Keep the new MCUs, as it appears they're better camo than the BDUs ever were.

    And outlaw the high and tight...or should I say "enforce the standards, standards to which the high and tight do not comply."