Friday, June 24, 2011

A Legal Interlude

Doing a little Continuing Legal Edumacation. One of today's sessions addressed lawyering and the Internet -- social media, The Cloud, websites, "accidental clients," and blogging! Pretty interesting.

No exotic locale, or Food Tours, this year. Darn it.

Back in a few.


  1. UALR, huh?

    Well, at least you know where to eat.

  2. "The Cloud" is like "The Light" in the Poltergeist movies. DO NOT go into it!

  3. One wonders why you were reading blogs and commenting at 0200 hrs this morning. Does Continuing Ed require that much midnight oil?

    Inno: Heh.

  4. I can always find the good eats, Andy! Especially in old stomping grounds.

    I've consumed waaaaay more caffeine the past couple of days than I have in ages, Buck. I was totally wired and Mad Magazine was not holding my interest.

    That's pretty much what they advised us, Inno. Although, not nearly so colorfully!