Saturday, June 18, 2011

Campaign Season 2012

In yesterday's inbox:

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 18th, is this campaign's first national day of action.

Thousands of volunteers have already signed up in New Orleans and beyond to register voters and collect "I'm in" cards from new supporters.

Can you make it? Here are the details:

What: 2012 Day of Action

Where: New Orleans, LA 70115

When: Saturday, June 18th, 11:00 am

You should come out -- it's sure to be a fun and inspiring day:

I see two glaring problems with this invitation, and one big positive.

The problems: 

(1) The New Orleans Hornets started using the slogan, "I'm In!" in their huge marketing campaign for the upcoming season well before the Obama re-election machine officially cranked up.  Signs declaring "In-ness" are sported on lawns all across the region, but they're printed on fields of Creole Blue and Gold, not Baracky red, white, and O-blue.  The campaign, therefore, might believe it has broader support in southeast Louisiana than it actually does and might not work as hard down here.  Wait -- maybe that's not a problem after all.

(2) New Orleans is a pretty big place.  It would probably have been better to give volunteers a precise gathering location instead of leaving them to wander aimlessly around Orleans Parish in search of campaign literature and community organizers.  Wait -- maybe that's not a problem either!

The original Positive that I derived from the invitation (before discovering the inadvertent ones)?  The simple fact that I received the email invite means that I haven't yet been outed as a mole, and I'll be able to continue sharing the info I gather about the Administration and Campaign as an undercover operative! 

Emma Peel lives!

Striking resemblance, that.  Heh.


  1. Heh! Indeed...

    Moogie, I think you have topped yourself with this one. I started to comment on your bitch-slap (no offense intended) of bicycle riders, but this one leaves me unspeechified.

    Not really.

    Never have been. Never will.

    That video is bitchin'. Except that I vomited when I saw Mary Landrieu. It was a quick vommick, though. Maybe I'm a dolt, or too divorced from the other side of LA (NOLA), but I actually like Mitch. I mean...of all the Landrieu KLAN, he seems to be the classiest of the bunch.

    He did not make me vomit.

    The address of the big gathering also made me giggle. Nyuk...

    Negro is, as Negro does. I know that's RAAAAAAACIST!, but it be the absolute fack on thangs.

    I swear girl, I never imagined in my imaginary mind...(catch that one, and winz you a prize) that we would have so much ignunce lording over our lives.

    Hell, I've gotten to the point that I'm thinking about copying the Bush "Miss Me Yet?" billboards, and putting Clinton's two-timing mug on them. Yep! I miss Bubba, too.

    At least Bubba's boys knowed enough to put the meet up address on the pamphlets.

    We are SO screwed.

    Have a good weekend, and please tell Pepper that Andy says, "Happy Daddy's Day!"

  2. The video -- Loe me some 610 Stompers!

    Yeah -- Mitch does not make me vomit either, and he actually seems to be getting some things accomplished without amping up the Ethics boards. That I know of. Mary, on the other hand . . . .

    At least with Bubba, you knew what you were getting -- not like the current resident of the White House who is Mr. Chameleon.

    I shall pass along your good Pater Day wishes -- please accept them flung right back atcha!

  3. Accepted with gratitude!

    You're a class act, kiddo.

  4. Striking resemblance, that. Heh.

    Why... that very same thought struck ME, as well!

    re: Mary. I think she's sorta hot, politics aside. Don't go hatin' on me.

    re: Hornets. What all y'all need is a hockey team. N'Awlins is diverse enough to import some ice and Canadians (or Damnyankees) to skate on it.

    re: Dad's Day. What Andy said... tell Pepper that fer me, too.

  5. We did have a hockey team when we first moved down here -- the Brass. One of their owners was C. Ray Nagin, before he moved into the Mayor's Office. Does that explain anything abot tre absence of hockey in these parts?

    And a Happy Dad's Day back at you, too! *blows a kiss*